Wheeler has excellent quality assurance system and service system, has been ISO9000 quality management system certification, CE certification, all products meet the EU RoHS requirements. Company products are exported to Europe and America, Asia and other regions, well received by customers at home and abroad. No matter how special your requirements for high-performance electromechanical systems are, Wheeler's experience, technology, and resources will always develop the best solution for you.

In general, using a variety of components that we have developed can form a complete solution. However, it is our goal to integrate any of the latest ideas into the drive. In fact, customization is one of our biggest strengths.

Some of our recent successes include customizing a 86000 series, through shaft, ball screw stepper motor for an electronic device that solves the problem of limited installation space and long service life.

Wheeler can quickly manufacture samples, within 24 hours as soon as possible to produce customer demand products, so that you ensure that the completion of schedule. At Wheeler, we fully understand the challenges you face and then provide solutions that help you succeed.

An important factor in our success is the highly collaborative environment we cultivate between our customers and our sales and application engineering resources. By fully communicating with the engineering team during the design phase, we can collaborate in the process, such as a real partner, and respond promptly to changing demands. This approach also allows us to play an important role in our customers' short and long-term success.