Medical Equipment

Linear stepper motors, known for their precise positioning capabilities and high-precision motion control, are widely used in the field of medical diagnostics. These motors are compact and can be installed in very tight spaces.

With sufficient thrust and high accuracy, they play a key role in ensuring precision and repeatability, making them particularly suitable for medical environments that require fine control and high reliability.
Wheeler motors are used in the following applications´╝Ü

- Precision Liquid Delivery
- Medical Imaging Equipment
- Mass Spectrometry
- Immunoassay Automation
- Centrifuge and Autotransfusion
- Surgical Robots
- Laboratory Automation
- Rehabilitation Equipment
- Medical Imaging (CT, PET, MRI, X-Ray)
- Pumps - Infusion, Syringe, and Peristaltic
- Respiratory Support Equipment
- Blood Analysis
- Ophthalmic Equipment
- Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Equipment
- Biological Sample Processing

The medical equipment field demands high precision and reliability, and linear stepper motors meet these requirements with their excellent performance. Not only improve the accuracy of medical operations but also increase the safety of treatments and diagnostics. As medical technology continues to advance, the application of linear stepper motors in medical equipment will expand, providing patients with higher quality medical services.